The College offers four Undergraduate courses and two Postgraduate courses. The details of the courses are given in the following table.

Undergraduate Programmes offered by the College
S.No. Name of the Course Total Intake
1. Electronics & Communication Engineering (ECE) 60
2. Computer Science & Engineering (CSE) 60
3. Electrical & Electronics Engineering (EEE) 60
4. Mechanical Engineering (Mech) 60
  Total 240
Postrgraduate Programmes offered by the College
S.No. Name of the Course Total Intake
1. Master of computer applications (MCA) 60
2. Master of Business Administration (MBA) 60
  Total 120
Faculty :
P.Madhukar Asst.Professor B.Tech 08-04-2010
J.Vasavi Asst.Professor B.Tech 15-07-2010
Ch.Raghu Asst.Professor B.Tech ----
P.Swetha Asst.Professor B.Tech 01-02-2010
Dr.K.Srinivasa Rao : Principal Ph.d M.E B.E 19-02-2010
P.Ashok Babu H.O.D (Ph.d) M.E B.E 18-08-2008
T.Srinivasa Rao Associate Professor M.E B.E 22-02-2010
B.Srinivasa Rao Associate Professor M.Tech B.Tech 16-07-2010
K.V.Ramana Rao Asst.Professor M.Tech B.Tech 17-08-2009
N.Prameela Asst.Professor B.Tech 02-03-2010
P.Ravi Krishna Asst.Professor B.Tech 02-07-2009
R.Bhanu Prakash Asst.Professor B.Tech 02-07-2009
Naga Laxmi Asst.Professor B.Tech 04-08-2009
B.Krishna Sagar Asst.Professor M.Tech B.Tech 03-03-2010
V.Phaninder Asst.Professor B.Tech 07-07-2010
T.Naveen Kumar Asst.Professor B.Tech ----
N.Guravaiah Asst.Professor B.Tech 13-02-2008
P.V.Koteswara Rao H.O.D (M.Tech) MCA B.Sc 01-08-2009
B.S.Murthy Associate Professor (Ph.d) MCA B.Sc 01-09-2008
P.Marutianand Chakradhar Asst.Professor MCA B.Sc 05-02-2010
U.Arun Kumar Asst.Professor MCA B.Sc 30-09-2009
K.Sowjanya Asst.Professor MCA B.Sc 30-09-2009
S.Lavanya Asst.Professor MCA B.Sc 06-11-2009
K.Murali Prasad Asst.Professor MCA B.Sc 19-09-2008
A.Raja Shekar Asst.Professor MCA B.Sc 06-09-2010
M.Swetha Reddy H.O.D MBA B.A(Comp) 09-07-2010
R.N.Tripathi Associate Professor MBA LLB ----
B.Satya Vani Asst.Professor MBA B.Sc 06-03-2010
R.Babu Rao Asst.Professor MBA B.Com 08-03-2010
J.Pitch Reddy Asst.Professor MBA B.Com 08-03-2010
G.Maibu Rani Asst.Professor MBAB.Com 18-08-2010
P.Satyam Asst.Professor MBA B.A.M.S. 02-03-2010
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